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November, 24 at at 12:00 Kiev time (1pm Kenyan, 11:00 – Poland; 3: 30 pm- India) Media IC (Poland), ICAI (Institute of Culture Affairs International) http://www.ica-international.org/ and IAF (Association of Facilitators in Africa) Africa, FDS (the Foundation for Somalian) invite you to the weekly online dialogue about discrimination and the impact in community development

We’ll talk about the internal and external obstacles faced by people who stand in the way of the disclosure of their potential to its full implementation. Also, we will examine how the internal untapped potential affects the development of the communities that surround her.

Facilitator of the dialog is John Cornwall (UK)

Initiator of the dialogue is John Cornwall (UK), Head of the International Association of Facilitators in Africa (IAF) https://www.iaf-world.org/site/ and Svetlana Salmatova, ICAI Vice-President, Europe & MENA http://www.ica-international.org/abou…

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