Self-Leadership Facilitator with Anupama Eawaran (India)

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Self-Leadership Facilitator with Anupama Eawaran (India)

Tues 17th Nov – Self-Leadership Facilitator – Anupama Eawaran (In Harmony, India)
Tues 24th Nov – Sharing experiences of working on Discrimination & Inclusion issues in the Corporate sector and in the Community
Facilitator – Nancy Biwott (Kenya)
Tues 1st Dec – Sharing experiences of working with 2 different models (In Harmony & Social Inclusion) Facilitator – Svitlana Salamatova (ICA Ukraine)
Media IC (Poland), ICAI (Institute of Culture Affairs International) and IAF (Association of Facilitators in Africa) Africa, FDS (the Foundation for Somalian) invite you to the weekly online dialogue about the role of women in community development, and the impact on the positive changes in the world.

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19.05.2016 at 3:42 am

'Change is only going to come from outside'I agree.I see real change coming ,NUCLEAR missiles of change from RuCias,shina,Iran,North Korea,Venezuela. Reza Khalil

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